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ET: 2018
Proposal (188 pp.)


Kuhn Projects


Blue Rider Press / Penguin Random House USA



Parker Posey

A collection of personal, true stories by the beloved, inimitable, and utterly enchanting Parker Posey.

Dubbed Queen of the Indies by Time magazine, Parker has always danced to the beat of her own drummer (often in a tutu). In these pages, she brings the unexpected, authentic, and wickedly funny voice she’s known for, and channels it to tell her own incredible yet incredibly relatable experiences in work, love, family, and life.

A mix of observational humor and personal history, this project is a journey through delight, disappointment, disgrace, and hard-won self-discovery. Laced with raw insight, cutting social commentary, and quirky zingers, the narrative is also woven through with cheeky recipes, unconventional how-tos, and suggested comic illustrations that serve as whimsical annotations as much as instructional guides. From “How to Bake a Humble Pie” to “How to Tie an Endless Knot,” the Do It Yourself layer feels like a natural extension of Parker, and it will supplement the text to create a read that’s wonderfully textured, yet seamless.

YOU’RE ON AN AIRPLANE is a book for children of the ‘70s who grew up alongside Parker; children of the ‘80s who grew up watching Parker; and children of the ‘90s who idolize children of the ‘70s, such as Parker. In other words, it’s a cross-generational juggernaut that’s irreverent, moving, personal, and universal. If you’ve ever felt like an outsider, made fun of LA, faced personal and systemic obstacles, or found power in individuality, this book is for you. Which is why you don’t need to be a Parker Posey fan to fall in love with this material.

There’s a broad, book-buying audience that’s hungry for strong, original female voices—and generations of women who’ve followed Parker as a style and film icon. This will be catnip for readers of Amy Sedaris’s megahit I Like You and Jenny Lawson’s Let’s Pretend This Never Happened. But it will also appeal to fans of Carrie Brownstein’s confessional Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl, which similarly captures a cultural moment, and Nora Ephron’s self-deprecating I Feel Bad About My Neck, which is similarly fearless in the face of propriety, and aging.

Parker has developed a devoted following due to her seminal roles in movies and television shows, such as: Dazed and Confused, Coneheads, Party Girl, Waiting for Guffman, You’ve Got Mail, The House of Yes, Best in Show, A Mighty Wind, For Your Consideration, Blade: Trinity, Superman Returns, Parks and Recreation, The Big C, The Good Wife, Louie, Portlandia, and Inside Amy Schumer.

Most recently, Parker has starred in films such as Woody Allen’s Irrational Man (2015), Mascots (2016), My Art (2016), The Architect (2016), and Woody Allen’s Café Society (2016). She’ll be in the upcoming films The Brits are Coming and Columbus, as well as Jesse Eisenberg’s new TV series, Breath Gives Me Hiccups.

ET: Februar 2016

Full Manuscript (304 pp.)


Chelsea Green Publishing



Petra Kuenkel

Ein Ratgeber für kollektive Führung in Wirtschaft, Politik und Zivilgesellschaft

Nachhaltigkeit und eine Wirtschaft für das Gemeinwohl sind immer stärker auf der Agenda von Staaten, Unternehmen, Organisationen und jedem einzelnen Bürger. Mit diesem Buch werden Sie Teil dieser Bewegung der „Game-Changer”. Kollektive Führung ist ein Paradigmenwechsel, bei dem Einzelpersonen ihre individuellen Führungsrollen im Sinne einer gemeinschaftlichen Verantwortung und zum Allgemeinwohl wahrnehmen.

„The Art of Leading Collectively” unterstützt den Leser, diese komplexe Aufgabe anzugehen und zeigt ein Navigationstool für Führungsaufgaben auf. Das Buch ist in Form einer Reise von Protagonisten verschiedenster Herkunft und Karrierestufen aufgebaut und gewährt Einblicke – u.a. auch im Vorwort von Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker – was die Welt von morgen wirklich braucht: Erfolgreiche Zusammenarbeit! Wer in diesem Sinne an ergebnisorientierten, alltagstauglichen Ansätzen für sich selbst, sein Team, seine Organisation oder gar cross-sektorale Initiativen interessiert ist, findet hier genau die richtigen Konzepte. theartofleadingcollectively.net/

Was ist Collective Leadership?

Alle dringlichen Nachhaltigkeitsfragen bedürfen neuer Formen der Zusammenarbeit und Menschen, die bereit sind, gemeinsam Wandel in allen Bereichen der Gesellschaft voranzutreiben. Collective Leadership verstehen wir daher als die Fähigkeit von Führungskräften, einen Beitrag zu leisten, der das Allgemeinwohl zur Priorität macht und die Balance zwischen Menschen, Profit und der Umwelt wahrt.

Petra Künkel ist Vollmitglied des Club of Rome, führende Strategie-Beraterin für internationale Multi-Stakeholder-Initiativen und Gründerin und Geschäftsführerin des Collective Leadership Institute (CLI). Das CLI wurde 2005 gegründet und ist eine Not-for-Profit Organisation mit Sitz in Potsdam und Kapstadt. Es verfolgt das Ziel, die Fähigkeiten bei allen Formen der Zusammenarbeit zu stärken und weltweit ein Netzwerk für nachhaltigen Wandel aufzubauen. Über 2.200 Alumni aus dem öffentlichen und privaten Sektor sowie der Zivilgesellschaft wurden bereits in diesem Sinne fortgebildet. www.collectiveleadership.com

ET: 2015

Vollständiges Manuskript (240 Seiten, polnisch)

Englische Teilübersetzung (28 Seiten)


Macadamia Literary Agency





Katarzyna Tusk

After four years of running the most popular lifestyle & fashion blog in Poland (Makelifeeasier.pl with more than 800,000 individual users per month), Katarzyna (or simply: Kasia) Tusk has written and illustrated her own The ABC of Style in which she breaks fashion stereotypes and helps her readers to be stylish at all times.

Kasia's approach shows that style and elegance are for everyone who can apply a few universal rules. The book is full of fascinating observations and practical advice.

The ABC of Style is an example of publishing elegance. A linen cover, hardcover, more than a hundred photos and a beautiful design are assets of this book which may be a wonderful addition to the most beautiful book collections.

Kasia Tusk (b. 1987) is one of the most popular fashion and lifestyle bloggers in Poland. Photojournalist and founder of Makelifeeasier.pl. Daughter of Donald Tusk, the former Prime Minister of Poland and now President of the European Council. Psychology postgraduate at the University of Gdańsk. She lives in Sopot.

ET: October 2016

Vollständiges Manuskript (252 Seiten)


Albin Michel



Ali Benmakhlouf

Conversation connects us to one another through words. This link also operates through our voices, our breathing and our gaze, to the rhythm of our silences and gestures. Conversation is not demonstration, it is words in movement, it is not ready-made wisdom, it is a way of life.

Following Montaigne, who wrote in his Essays: „What matters is not what you say, but how you say it“, philosopher Ali Benmakhlouf explores the richness of the subterfuges and divergences that awaken our minds. He looks at literature, that other kind of conversation; a conversation with a deceased friend imagined by the author; a conversation that begins an inner dialogue between the reader and the book they place on their bedside table...

Conversation is a risk, that of a relationship and the unknown to which it leads us.

Ali Benmakhlouf is a philosopher and university professor, a specialist of Arab philosophy (Pourquoi lire les philosophes arabes, Albin Michel 2015) and logic.

ET: Oktober 2016

Vollständiges Manuskript (30 Seiten, englisch)



Wydawnictwo Nasza Księgarnia



Katarzyna Bajerowicz

In this visually beautiful book Katarzyna Bajerowicz mixes humour with plenty of information about nature, which she passes on in the best way possible – through great fun!

The Tree is an incredible book. You can browse it page by page, and once you tear out the pages, you can create an extra-large puzzle. A wonderful oak tree will grow in front of your eyes. On it, next to it, and even underneath it, you will find countless species of animals: birds, insects and mammals…

On the reverse sides of each page that makes up the puzzle, you will find lots of interesting facts about nature and ideas for exciting outdoor games!

Can you see a long-eared owl in the picture? It looks like the owl is looking carefully at a stag beetle. Can you find a hornets’ nest? Once you put the entire picture together, the task won’t turn out to be all that easy. There will be many more tasks like this one, so good fun is guaranteed.

ET: Juni 2016

Vollständiges Manuskript (28 Seiten)


Wydawnictwo Nasza Księgarnia



Nikola Kucharska

This is an amazing story about two round-the-world trips. You read about one of them vertically and about the other horizontally…

Thanks to the book’s “accordion” construction you can read it page by page, or, as we would recommend, you can spread the book out on the floor and follow the characters’ adventures step by step.

The first journey (East to West) is undertaken by a friendly family who want to visit the world’s most popular landmarks! Sometimes it will prove difficult to reconcile the entire family’s expectations for the trip…

A family of genuine globetrotters will take us on the second, North-to-South journey. They do not fear any danger or wild, remote places. They will have to work together in order to survive their risky escapade.

Good fun, adventures and trivia… all this across a detailed world map. This book is simply one-of-a-kind!

ET: Oktober 2016

Vollständiges Manuskript (128 Seiten)


Editrice Il Castoro



Pierdomenico Baccalario and Japoco Olivieri

A weird wizard has collected in his fabulous mansion any sort of magical objects, from all over the world: the vestibule, the kitchen, the sleeping room, the dungeon, even the green house disclose a treasure of knowledge and charm. All kinds of enchanted tools, garments, weapons and plants taken form all time literature are listed by the two magic-savvy authors, Pierdomenico Baccalario and Jacopo Olivieri. They tell us where these objects come from, they describe which is their far-famed power and how it happened top the wizard to lay hold of it. 

It’s a book that casts a spell on the reader, bewitched by the magnificence of Marco Somà’s illustrations and intrigued by the two authors in discovering a new story each page and in recognizing a shred of a magic he cherishes. 

Pierdomenico Baccalario is the best-selling author of many books for children, including the Ulysses Moore series.

Jacopo Olivieri, multifaceted artist, has written cyborg series and comics, has worked as illustrator, costume and musical set designer, and toy-maker.

ET: August 2017

Vollständiges Manuskript


Random House Australia



Tamara Moss

Incredible adventures on the high seas, filled with deadly creatures, impossible tasks, dangerous quests, nail-biting battles . . . and two young friends determined to make their way in the world!

The first in a five book series, Lintang and the Pirate Queen follows Lintang’s adventures on the pirate ship Winda with her best friend Bayani. Lintang is desperate to escape her island home and finally she gets her chance when she and Bayani face a deadly mythie (faery creatures and monsters) and survive. Lintang’s bravery earns her an invitation onto the ship of the infamous pirate queen Captain Shafira. But when Bayani stows away, should Lintang be loyal to her friend, or risk losing the respect of the captain? Bayani has a secret – something he’s risking everything for, something that will endanger their entire voyage.

Lintang and the Pirate Queen creates a world in which diversity is normal – and always, always portrayed sensitively and subtly. Tamara creates characters for all readers to identify and empathise with, and one of the messages of the story is about acceptance of others who aren’t like you, and finding your place in the world with the people who accept you for who you are.

This is Tamara Moss's debut novel, she currently works as a teacher for students aged 10 years so knows her audience incredibly well. Tamara was inspired by her studies in Asian Studies and Japanese to create this fantasy series with its wonderfully diverse cultures, characters and mythologies.



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